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Community Development Association


CDA team developes the projects under the below listed programmes that we designed together with our partner institutions and in cooperation with CDA Advisory Board (please also visit "About us" and "FAQ" section for consulting the conceptual framework these programmes belong to ). 



 The  compartments of this programme are  interconnected with the  technical programmes presented below and imply:

  • Motivating the adoption of liberal values in the society;
  • Harmonization of ethno-cultural and liberal values; development of a civic culture based on  these values;
  • Opening informed dialogue among the confronted/estranged flocks and catalyze the reconciliation;
  • Protection of human rights, dignity, and civic liberties; in this context the women rights, especially the social, economic and cultural rights of women are emphasized;
  • Advocating cultural,  social, economic,  and labour rights in the context of liberalization of economic relations and protection of  human health and environmental safety;
  • Developing a platform based on societal cooperation for promoting a dialogue between the civil society and administrative institutions; 
  • Protection of women's and children's rights, especially in context of above-mentioned points.  

Break-through  technology solutions  

  •   Eradicating the Information Asymmetry and promoting Virtual Organizations;
  •   Promoting the Combined communication platforms in trans-regional                           agro- marketing and SMEs  Innovative Networks;    
  •   Improving the health services in remote rural communities  inclusive Telemedicine   solution;
  •   Climate smart agricultural solutions and climate-resilient re-mapping of agro-         biodiversity; 
  •   Vocational  Education Frameworks:

 People-Driven Technology Solutions

  •     Early Warning Systems (Disaster Risk Reduction)
  •        Zero Wasting Waste (ZWW) Technology

Entrepreneurship and Inventory 

  •       New Visions  for Microfinancing in Rural and remote Peri-Urban areas
  •        Regional and Trans-Regional Agricultural Markets 


 Colchian Rainforest

       Substition of firewood with new farming inventory, promotion of woman-led green businesses 


 CDA Library 

              Audiovisual aids and learning materials for VET                                                                                     Multilingual Economic Dictionaries                                                                                                       Adapted Textbooks for facultative learning of really endangered (UNESCO) local                               indigenous languages